Monday, 5 January 2009

NWI Awards: Best Death

We love our movie deaths. We get to see overpaid famous people die in a thousand sadistic ways. It makes us Happy. Needless to say, HUGE SPOILER WARNING I'll give you a larger gap this time

Best Death

10) Carol - Female Cop, Pineapple Express
That's how she's billed on imdb, so can it. Anyway, Rosie Perez' shrieking, fast-talking dirty cop's evil deeds come to a true end when she's machined gunned by James Franco to 'Fuck the police' and then crushed by an exploding car. Pretty dead I would think.

9) Marlena, Cloverfield
You know you're screwed when your the second female lead in a horror film. Your ass is dying. Anyways Lizzy Caplan ( now of True Blood fame) gets infected by alien spawn and promptly explodes in silouhette behind a curtain.

8) Thief, Blindness
This dude got harshed. He gets his leg impaled by a high heel, his leg then decays pretty much to the point of falling off and then he gets shot in the head by guards in charge of herding the blind ito the wards. Apoligies for the terrible picture quality.

7) Abby, Grindhouse
Robert Rodriguez secion of this film is slightly better than Tarantino's and it has a single inspired moment. It is this. Naveen Andrews' scene stealing mad scientist, all set to save the day peaks his head round a corner only to have to completely blown off instantly. Shocking and even a little hilarious

6) Fox, Wanted
To give you some context, in Wanted super-skilled gunman can curve bullets. Ok, so all the evil gunmen are in a circle surounding James McAvoy. Angelina Jolie is amongst them and in a last minute change of heart decidesto save James, kills them all with a single 360 degree bullet, including herself. Because you've never seen suicide by boomerang bullet before

5) Eli Sunday, There will be Blood
Paul Dano's crazy and vindictive preacher arrives at nemesis Daniel Day Lewis' house begging for money. Danny duly humilates him, makes him say he is a false prophet and then beats him to death with a bowling pin. He drank his milkshake.

4) Ken, In Bruges
With Ralph Fiennes after Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson nobly sacrifices himself to save Farrell's jumpy Ray, by jumping of a 14th century church so he can get to Farrell before Fiennes to warn him. Oh yeah he'd already been shot twice. What a nice guy.

3) Rachel Dawes, The Dark Knight
Maggie Gyllenhaal's Rachel got Jokered. Placed in a room full of Oil drums set to a timer, The Joker forces Batman to choose between her life and DA Harvey Dent's. He chooses her, but the Joker gave him the wrong location for each and it turns out the person he wanted to save is the person he lets die. Impactful shit.

2) Chad, Burn After Reading
This is a flawed film, to be sure, but there's something to be said for having the world's biggest movie star Brad Pitt getting unexpectedly shot in the face in full frame close-up with a huge grin on his face.

1) Carson Wells, No Country for Old Men
I could have gone with several Chigurh deaths, but this is the most effective one. Woody Harrelson's kindly bounty hunter gets tracked to his room, and he and Bardem sit across from each other both knowing what's about to happen. Chigurh knows it to a certainty.

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