Monday, 5 January 2009

NWI Awards: Best Genre film

I probably should clarify this one. Films considered to be gerne, such as sci-fi or horror tend to get ignored for award attentions simply because of their subject matter. So essentially this is the sci-fi/horror/action award, but genre sounds much swisher if I say so myself.

Best genre

6) Hancock

About two thirds of a good movie, before it completely jumps the shark in its final scenes. For the most part Smith it the least pious he's been since Men in Black and is visibly having much more fun. Also seeing Arrested Development's Jason Bateman in a giant blockbuster was pretty cool.

5) Iron Man

A functional enough comic book movie with a ridiculous climax and a very suave leading man. I wouldn't rag on it so much if everyone else didn't praise it all the time.

4) Wanted

This bonkers, bullet curving crazy ass movie brought back the days of the Matrix with its bullet-time and ultra slo-mo in permanent overdrive. Became a nice starring vehicle for James McAvoy

3) Pineapple Express

Soon to be seen in the comedy run down too, this genre crossing stoner action comedy was a fun but in the end very simple film. Slightly too much broad humour. James Franco and Danny McBride are terrific though.

2) The Mist
Giant monsters from another dimension can't quite figure out how to break a single glazed supermarket window. But they will eat you if you come outside

1) REC
So good it was remade in America within a year of its release. This further entry into the increasingly popular handheld genre makes Cloverfield look like Its a wonderful life. Jarring.

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