Saturday, 3 January 2009

NWI Awards: Best Ending

Psychologists have proved that a viewer is more likely to like a film that begins badly and ends well then a film that begins well ad ends badly. Alright there's no official documentation but it makes sense man. Clearly, SPOILER WARNING

Best Ending

6) I'm Not There, ' I ain't no folk singer'

The climax to this painfully overlooked film, is essentially a standard monologue. But Blanchett's performance is most effective in this scene, in which her 'Jude Quinn' states how he can never be as good as people need him to be

5) Lars and the Real girl, Catharsis

After a strangely moving relationship with a blow-up doll, the pathologically shy Lars finally approaches a real girl in earnest. 'bout time too, coz this dude was crazy

4) The Dark Knight, Two Face swansong

Aaron Eckhart is terrific in what to me is the most affecting scene in the movie, the good man succumbing to hs anger and becoming a Bona Fide monster by taking Gordon's family hostage. The darkest moment in a comic book film ever..

3) No Country For Old men, Two dreams

After a movie full of chasing, killing and dying. Its climax, like its opening, is remarkaly pensive. We see Tommy Lee Jones' Sheriff Bell describing two dreams he had to his wife. The overtones of the world becoming a darker place then he can understand come across via a terrific performance from Jones.

2) The Visitor, Bongo's

After his muslim best friend is deported, the despairing professor Vale Takes his bongo drums on the subway to work through his anger. Never has there been a poignant scene involving bongo drums

1) Waltz with Bashir, The Stare

After a lebanese massacre the surviving women take to the streets in there grief with the bodies of their husbands and sons everywhere. All our Israeli soldier protagonist can do is stare at the horror that is taking palce before him. One of the most haunting things you'll ever see.

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