Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Breaking Bad: Caballo Sin Nombre - It Puts The Chemical In The Eyeball

The minute you saw the mysterious 'cousins' in the premiere, you were like right, they're going to get closer and closer to Walt before finally facing off with him in the finale. Because that's how TV, and movies for that matter, usually do things. Well we got ours.

- Another largely character centric episode. Not as strong as last week, but it had its moments.

- Saul, the fake jewish lawyer, returned this week and was fairly awesome. Loved the scene with him owning Jesse's parents and their high priced lawyer in regards to robbing their property, with sheer douchebaggery. Both his and Jesse's. Who is a little like Sayid these days, cold and fairly evil. Jesse pulled the trigger, but Saul took the pleasure in the kill. Smooth tag-teaming guy. Bob Odenkirk rules in this role.

- So the cousins found Walt. In episode 2. With a badass shiny axe. Only Giancarlo Esposito and his mean texting abilities saved Walt's ass, but as always this show is impossible to predict.

- Am liking Anna Gunn's portrayal of Skyler a bit more this season, despite Walt's rather blatant villainy, he's coming across the good guy in his divorce on account of his wife kindly not revealing he's a meth dealer to his son. Yet Walt revels in the pity anyway.

" I read that renovating your house increases its value in erm, I want to say Time magazine"

- I love how this show manages to be darkly funny in spite of all the heavy drama. Its kind of what makes it genius.

- Having said that, the brunt of the episode was almost too contemplative. Saved by an intense last 15 minutes.

- Pizza on the roof sees everything.

- The return of Tio. and his bell. Man was that an awesome episode back in season 2. With Tuco. Oh nostalgia. I loved how the cousins got this mute old guy to spell out Walt's name on a ouija borad. Metaphors much?

- A confident filler episode, but we're still dealing with the cliffhanger of Walt's broken marriage. There are new fields to mine guys, as much as I do love the serious acting on this show.

- A solid outing. Not spectacular, but worked in the right places.

Rating: 7/10

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