Thursday, 18 December 2008

The 10 best comic book movies

A few years ago people would have snickered in the declaring of the comic book movie a genre, but its huge financial success entwined with its ever expanding nature quiets down the naysayers. So which manage to contain quality amidst the bright colours and ridiculous costumes. SPOILERS AHEAD

10) From Hell
Actually quite critically reviled on its release, I'd say that this one is worth a second look. Less painfully self-superior then other Alan Moore adap V for Vendetta and infinitely more stylish, This affecting Victorian set horror spin on the Jack the Ripper myth packs quite a punch. Even with Johnny Depp pre-Jack Sparrow mockney accent.

9) Superman
The first and perhaps to an older generation then myself the best, this movie works on pure unadulterated family entertainment value. Charming and by the end surprisingly moving, a much better movie then is often given credit for. Features one of cinema's most unnecessary cameos from Marlon Brando.

8) Spider-man 2
Spider-man did what Superman did for the 70's for the millennium generation. Smooth, slick and joyfully slight, the Spider-man films could define popcorn movie. The 2nd is the best, with Alfred Molina's Doc Ock striking an impressive villain, whilst Tobey Maguire does his thing with slightly less nervousness.

7) Men in Black
Another terrifically entertaining movie, mostly because of its awesome buddy act between Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith with the former particularly having an absolute ball. Some black humor amidst the comic book fun make this one linger beyond mere paperweight entertainment

6) Batman
Sure it may have been eclipsed by recent efforts involving the caped crusader, but Burton's Batman remains a classic. Sure the Prince soundtrack and some of the action scenes are nigh on embarrassing, but Nicholson's Joker is supremely entertaining and Burton really does put the Goth into Gotham City and the design looks a treat.

5) American Splendor
The anti-comic book movie comic book movie. Or in less convoluted phrasing, a delightfully mundane drama that takes its comic about a real guy thesis and makes it into a great movie, featuring a career defining performance from Paul Giamatti.

4) Sin City
For the record I still maintain this film is slightly over-rated and if someone were to make a point about movies putting style over substance this would be the first movie to go to. Yet it undeniably is visually breathtaking and even features a good performance or two, most notably from Mickey Rourke and Benicio Del Toro.

3) A History of Violence
A deceptively intelligent adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name, a huge return to form for David Cronenberg and a career renaissance for Lord of the Rings alum Viggo Mortensen, this tight painfully tense thriller that never lets you go from the start. Not for prudes though, with plentifully graphic sex and violence.

2) The Dark Knight
Syke. You though this was going to win didn't you, well if it hadn't been for the film in first place it certainly would have. But that seems like an obvious thing to say, anyways you've seen and heard it many times and you don't need me to tell you what a masterpiece this is.

1) Oldboy
I didn't even know that this was based on a Manga graphic novel, but there you go. Its a terrifyingly beautiful, haunting, original work of genius that anyone who has seen it in no way can deny. Watch this film now.

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