Friday, 26 December 2008

RANT: A passing thought on why Christmas movies should go shove it.

Christmas; Its the most wonderful time of the year. You get an assortment of cheap free crap that you neither need or want. You spend time with those beloved relatives with a terrific time had by all until all the screaming begins. 'That was my Cashew nut you motherf******' or something to that effect. Its a time when fake smiles and superficial cheer do they're very best to repress all your cynicism. They never win.

Granted, there's a Grinch like quality to me, I'm green and sound remarkably like Jim Carrey, but the resentment is there burning under the surface. Of course from the movies regarding christmas time you wouldn't know this. Because every year they release a movie that sounds an awful lot like this. The grumpy cynic who hates christmas, in an always awesome one-track way, has his heart of stone melted by the love that does so emanate from the season. Of course that cynic can be expanded to a married couple, or they can reverse the story and have the protagonist as a crazy eyes christmas lover who insists on spreading the christmas cheer to all around, at first to a community's annoyance. But after some delightful PG-13 antics the hearts, they are warmed. The worst thing about this is the entirely cynical way these movie suits try to make me happy. Not for the spreading of joy is this done, but for the accumulation of enough dollars to tide over a third beach house in Malibu. They also could give a damn about making a good movie, so on this oh so special boxing day, I say screw christmas movies. Screw them right in the eye. ( Hope y'all see da irony of these being posted on boxing day, and not christmas when it should so blatantly have been posted. My bad.)
To all a good night.

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