Thursday, 11 December 2008

Golden globe nominations.

And here we go..... awards season is upon us, as heralded by the golden globe nomination announcements. Now the golden globes pretty much act as Oscar's retarded cousin, and awful populist movies get recognised here. But judge yest not ye be judged so here is the skinny.
Best picture noms: Curious case of benjamin button, frost/nixon, The reader, Revolutionary road and Slumdog Millionaire
Most shocking news! Cate Blanchett got burned at an awards show, no props for the otherwise raved over button. burned.

Only 1 nom for Dark Knight, congrats to heath ledger. Ominous for oscar prospects though.

This could be David Fincher's oscar year, As his Benjamin button picked up a shitload of nominations.

Most retarded nominations, tom cruise for his 2 minute role in tropic thunder, mamma mia in best musical/comedy, and burn after reading getting nominated in the same category. It rode on its coen name.

Most unexpectedly awesome nominations? James Franco for Pineapple express, Robert downey jr for tropic thunder, Danny Boyle for slumdog millionaire. Boyle may well be up for his first oscar this year. Also In Bruges for best musical/comedy plus two actor noms for colin farrell and brendan gleeson. That film is so much better then you think it will be.

Generally as expected but the lack of respect for the dark knight is worrying. lets hope it comes around

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