Friday, 5 December 2008

7 modern day movie stars

People say that the concept of the movie star has died. with starless movies like 300 and Cloverfield making enough money, it is a credible argument. Back in the day actors opened films like nobody's business, now the journalistic concensus says this is over. A true movie star has an identity that transcends the character the play, and here are a few actors who fit this bill

1) Will Smith
Who else is there to top this list. Smith's last ten films have all broken 100 million despite the majority being less then stellar, he has 2 Oscar nominations for otherwise mediocre films and he has taken one of the blandest names in the universe and made it one of the most recognisable. He is the quintessential movie star by even the strictest definitions, with the kind of charisma that is almost presidential in its ability to make you hang on every word. Is actually a good actor too. All it takes is for him to be in a great movie and his legacy is secure.

2) George Clooney
Many people refer to his matinee idol looks, but unlike any other, except perhaps Will Smith, George Clooney will always be George Clooney in the films. He never really gives a performance outside his safe zone, which is decidedly in keeping with the concept of the movie star. In which the real character is himself, and thus playing yourself in every movie isn't as easy as it seems.

3) Angelina Jolie
You can tell Angelina Jolie wants an Oscar bad. She's played grieving widow/mother now for two years in a row, yet I should imagine she'll come up empty. But she has remained hollywood A-list for a long time and for the most part without making even a semi-decent film. But she has something better than that. Movie star quality. The more cynical might translate this to mean beauty and sex appeal, but she has an engaging presence on-screen and in the last couple of years has proved herself to be more then just an object of male gaze.

4) Tom Cruise
He may be crazy, but he may be the most recognizable actor currently working in movies, and while he has shown flashes of genuine acting ability, he has coasted through many an average action movie solely on the surity of his own movie stardom. Which hasn't yet gone past its sell by date, but if he keeps on the way he is then it wont be long.

5) Keanu Reeves
Reeves has had 17 or so years at the top of the movie chain, and has done so pretty much on cool alone, because he ain't all up with the acting (although seemingly is getting better with age). He even managed to star in a fanboy phenomenon and not get dragged down into it. Few people can make that claim. Its because Reeves is Reeves and for all his faults no-one acts or looks quite like him.

6) Cameron Diaz I hear the groans already, but Diaz is viable for this list, man. She plays herself in almost every movie, has worked with several of the best directors going and is instantly recognizable to the movie going public. She's more talented then most people give her credit for too, goddamn men and their inability accept women being good at anything. humph.

7) Robert Downey Jr
This is a recent development, but after the monumental success of Iron Man, Downey Jr is now unquestionably a movie star. And quite right now, as he is as close as anyone else to being the modern day Humphrey Bogart. Even if he talks a little faster. Its well deserved considering the amount of movies he stole over the years.

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