Saturday, 13 December 2008

Producers of Twilight sequel replace Catherine Hardwicke. With a man

A couple of weeks ago, I did a bit about how Twilight was on course to be the most succesful film by a female director. It was so successful that the producers upped the budget for the sequel, and oh yeah fired the female Catherine Hardwicke and replaced her with rent-a-hack Chris Weitz. Of American Pie fame. And women thought they were finally getting their due, but it appears that the dudes in charge didnt realise how much fangirl potential this had, and now big bucks are invloved they called in the Y chromosome. This is ridiculous, about 5 men saw this film and it will be because there girlfriends made them or they're dealing with identity issues. This was a film for women with a female lead made by a woman and it was actually successful, few other films can make this claim. ( Sex and the City was directed by a man ) It appears misogyny is the hate form allowed to continually go unnoticed. The film itself is well shit, but thats clearly not the point.

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