Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The avengers movie = bad things

The comic book movie has earned itself some credibility this year, what with the bemusingly well-reviewed Iron Man and The bigger and better Dark Knight. These two movies alone took somewhere close to 850 million in the US, and that's ignoring Hancock, the Incredible Hulk, Wanted and several others which took inordinate amounts of money. The comic book has more clout than it ever has and probably ever will. How life-affirming then, that they're cashing in on this success by producing a movie based of the concept of ' The Avengers'. Not a second movie version of the beloved 60's TV series, but a movie based on the concept of all of Marvel's heroes coming together in one movie for one multi-coloured costume special effects binge. To clarify, this will see Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor and several others. How this is going to be anything other then ridiculous is beyond me. But I will definately see it, just to see marvel's so called cinematic plan implode on its ass. Iron Man was OK, but on closer inspection its not a great movie and shouldn't grant marvel free reign over hollywood. Maybe i'll be proved wrong, but I highly doubt it.

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