Friday, 19 December 2008

7 worst comic book movies

The coin is not without its charred side, and for every Harvey dent there is a Two-face waiting in the wings. So below Are the comic book movies that give drivel a bad name.

7) League of extraordinary gentleman
The mutch respected Alan Morre comic book involving notorious characters from classic literature, took a butchering in the hands of Blade director Steven Norrington, with the shoehorning in of an American character and the worn Sean Connery taking a paycheque to the extreme. Overblown and depressing.

6) Spider-man 3
The third Spider-man took a worrying step in the direction of soapiness, with a large part of the film devoted to a Peter Parker and Mary Jane spat. But the most unforgivable thing was the sheer wasting of Venom, given little screen-time and forced to scrren-share with piss-ant the Sandman. Uncool. Still Venom's getting his own movie now, so he wins in the end.

5) X-men: The last stand
The first two X-men movies came worryingly close to actual quality, so this was countered by hiring Brett Ratner, lamely killing central characters and increasing the dumbass factor to Ten. No film has taken the identity of being a cash-in to heart quite like this film.

4) Ghost Rider
Nicolas Cage in a bad wig. This pretty much all I took from this film, which further proved that Mark Steven Johnson shouldn't be making films. Pray to god that reference means nothing to you.

3) Catwoman
Catwoman really did deserve her own movie, being clearly the most awesome female comic book character. But who'd have thought it would have gone so badly. Partly thanks to a horrible performance from Halle Berry, partly thanks to horrible OCD direction from Pitof and partly thanks to its horrible script. Its a pure disaster.

2) Superman IV
Oh this film is horrible. Nothing much more needs to be said except do not watch this film under any circumstances.

1) Batman and Robin
The granddaddy of terrible comic book films. Horribly family friendly, with a vapid George Clooney as Batman and a performance so bad its got to be high in the running for worst ever from Arnold Schwarzenegger as mr Freeze. You end up feeling as little sorry for Uma Thurman, whose Poison Ivy belongs in a mildly better movie. But its an 80's disoc lit fiasco, and lets hope nothing like it pollutes our eyes ever again.

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