Wednesday, 17 December 2008

REVIEW: The day the earth stood still

So, another year and another big budget sci-spectacular starring Keanu Reeves. Some of them have been great, some of them have been good and most of them have been abysmal. This one lands straight into the realm of the mediocre, spending more time on spectacle and less on intelligent social commentary something the original did so well. There is a half-hearted anti-global warming message here, but it feels undercooked and more then anything else a simple excuse for the destruction.

The plot, such as it is, sees clairvoyant alien Keanu come to earth to destroy mankind, coz we're, you know polluting the atmosphere. That's pretty much it, as Reeves wonders around with Jennifer Connelly and step-son Jaden Smith ( Son of Will ), telekinetically K.Oing helicopters and acting monotonously. A few impressive visuals aside, there is little to recommend here. Its dour and seemingly purposefully so, Reeves does his wooden tried and tested shtick, Jennifer Connelly does her best in a bland role and Smith is a little insipid. Its a shame, because if this film had pursued its subject matter from a slightly more intelligent perspective, this film could have had some potential. But its only concern seems to be shoehorning in superfluous effects shots and thus we have another vapid summer movie to forget within 5 minutes, its only distinction being that for some reason it was released in winter.

Better then Jonny Mnenomic but worse then Chain reaction. Thats how average this is.

Rating 5/10

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