JEFF BRIDGES Crazy Heart - I think the Oscar is his, but not this one. Bridges is a legend though so, I wouldn't be in any way annoyed.

GEORGE CLOONEY Up in the Air - Clooney is a regular fixture at these things for a reason.

COLIN FIRTH A Single Man - The winner here, for both legacy and for being British. Watch it happen.

JEREMY RENNER The Hurt Locker - Probably my favorite, but a nomination is a win for Renner.

ANDY SERKIS Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll - British throwaway. Not much to be said.


CAREY MULLIGAN An Education - Deserved, continuing acareer making award season for Mulligan.

SAOIRSE RONAN The Lovely Bones - A bit out of the blue, but fair enough. Ronan's second Bafta nom by the way. Before she's even twenty.

GABOUREY SIDIBE Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire - Again, a genuine possibility for the Oscars, but not enough Brits have seen this film.

MERYL STREEP Julie & Julia - Because she's Meryl Streep. I found her shrill and annoying.

AUDREY TAUTOU Coco Before Chanel - Good. I liked this performance and its good to see t turn up somewhere.


ALEC BALDWIN It’s Complicated - The only representation for this film. The way it should be.

CHRISTIAN McKAY Me and Orson Welles - A slight random but OK I guess.

ALFRED MOLINA An Education - Again, they really went nuts for this film, hence Molina's presence here.

STANLEY TUCCI The Lovely Bones - The only mainstay representation for The lovely Bones really. Tucci deserves it over time.

CHRISTOPH WALTZ Inglourious Basterds - The real standout here. A weak category otherwise.

ANNE-MARIE DUFF Nowhere Boy - I think BAFTA went a little insane in this category. That can be the only explanation for two acting nominations for Nowhere Boy.

VERA FARMIGA Up in the Air - The stronger of the two Up In The Air performances here I think.

ANNA KENDRICK Up in the Air - Now Twilight has some Bafta nominated credibility. sweet.

MO’NIQUE Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire - The only real contender in what is usually a weak category anyway. Damn you sexist industry.

KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS Nowhere Boy - I like Scott Thomas, but if this is warranted then I am God, and from that sentence I'm either right or the almighty.