Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2010

I'm sure none of these will end up as my favorite movies of the year but what the hell. I'll give it a shot.

5) Toy Story 3

At this point a third Toy Story film feels A little unnecessary, but we said that about the second one and that was pretty awesome, so I choose to think this is going to be great. Pixar have given me no reason to think otherwise.

4) Kick-Ass

Yes and no. While the main story of the nerd-teen turned action hero is looking a little well run at this point. It was my least favorite thing about Zombieland too, but all the hit-girl and Nic Cage stuff looks pretty neat.

3) The Social Network

Because I fail to see how a movie about facebook is not going to be awesome. Especially when its directed by David Fincher and starring Justin Timberlake. Not to mention the fact it is written by Aaron Sorkin, he of West Wing fame.

2) Green Zone

Greengrass, who made the masterful United 93 and the less good but infinitely more popular Bourne Ultimatum, returns to more political ground with this long gestating Iraq movie. I expect it to be good even if it is being advertised as a pretty shitty action movie. Too much talent involved.

1) Inception

A science-fiction thriller set in the architecture of the mind. That's all anyone knows about it, but its floating at the top at most of these lists regardless. Because its Christopher Nolan, who has yet to really put a foot wrong and just made The Dark Knight. And has an intimidating cast and has water in a glass that leans diagonally. Sold.

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