Monday, 18 January 2010

Golden Globe Reaction

Best Picture and Director goes to Avatar: To quote Giovanni Ribisi in this movie, what have you guys been smoking? It's inevitable Oscar victory is going to be a sad day.

Best Actresses: Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep - what are you doing to me. More disagreement here.

Best Actors: Jeff Bridges and Robert Downey Jr - deserved for the first one and a giant LOL to the second. It doesn't make me angry though, which is a precedent at this particular night of awards.

General thoughts: A lot of Dexter love, which I can live with, Christophe Waltz takes it home for IB and Monique wins for Precious. Mad Men wins again. Sure. Glee wins, which is hilarious but better that then 30 Rock. All in all pretty sucky tbh. Particular for the Avatar stuff. Did anybody else look past the shining lights to see they were actually watching a weakass movie? Anyone. No-one, because Avatar just crossed 500 million. Some Bullshit.

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