Thursday, 28 January 2010

Lost Countdown: The 7 Most Shocking Moments Of Violence In Lost's History

Lost does like its murdering. Whilst its relatively prudish in other areas of exploitation, there's a joyous sadism at times in the way Lost whacks its various cast members. Sometimes its all moving and in slow-mo and all sad and stuff, but at others its cruel, quick and unforgiving. To be clear this isn't a list of the most impactful deaths in the show's history, and if you could see it coming it don't qualify, hence no Charlie or Locke's dad. Just the most shocking. So lets get to it. needless to say, many many SPOILERS

7) Arzt Blows Himself Up, Exodus

So one minute there's a recently introduced condescending douche telling everyone what's what about nitro-glycerin. Then there's not, because he just blew himself up by retardly waving around highly unstable dynamite and you just spilled your coffee all over yourself. This one is truly a cosmic irony snap.

6) Shannon Gets Shot, Abandoned

The word useless was floated around a lot with Shannon, who's character was basically a one-note cheap joke about how ridiculous Paris Hilton is. But I'll admit by her brutal end she had grown on me. The brutal end in question saw her take an accidental bullet from the paranoid and over-acting Michelle Rodriguez, because she and her gang were being chased by a bunch of invisible voices. Ownage.

5) Locke Gets Shot, The Man Behind The Curtain
Technically this one isn't a kill sure, but its still caught everyone well the fuck off guard. This is John Locke for Christ's sake, the show's most iconic and awesome commodity. You can't kill him. And sure enough it was a highly effective fake out, because you can't kill John Locke. Not for another year or so anyway.

4) Locke takes a skydive, The Man From Tallahassee

Locke again, this dude took some pain on this show didn't he. So anyway we are chilling in a seemingly superfluous flashback scene, as they nearly all were in season three, with our man confronting evil daddy and then BOOM. Fool just got pushed out of a window. But he was miraculously saved. To be a tool in an evil scheme.

3) Michael Wastes Half The Female Cast, Two for the Road
This one got me. Michael has just returned to the camp, after escaping the custody of jungle-dwelling others and their evil schemes. Ana-Lucia, just tried to kill the clearly evil Henry Gale but bottled it. Michael's like I'll do it, because they took my son!. She gives him the gun and then bang. Michelle Rodriguez just got shot. The Libby walks in. Bang. Libby Just got shot. Then dude shoots himself! Guy was crazy after all.

2) Alex's Boyfriend And Mother Get Killed In front Of Her Eyes, Meet Kevin Johnson

When Lost clears the books, it does so with some style. Sure, Karl and Rousseau were pretty superfluous to the show at this point. But still I was watching A Michael episode a minute ago and we just cut to these no marks. What the fuck? Oh right they are all gonna die horribly. Well except for Alex, which brings me to number one.

1) Who Says We Can't Shoot A Teenage Girl In The Face On Primetime Television?, The Shape Of Things To Come

So sweet harmless Alex just saw her entire extended family eat lead. Now there's a giant psychopathic mercenary telling her what's what and informing her evil step-dad that he's going to kill sweet, harmless Alex if he doesn't give himself up. Now given that the evil step-dad in question Is Benjamin Linus, surely he's going to do the honorable thing and sacrifice himself to save his kid. Hells no. So sweet harmless Alex takes one point blank to the face. And Ben lives to manipulate another day. Well at least it had a happy ending.


Tom Clift said...

Anna Lucia & Libby's death was one of the most shocking moments of TV I've ever seen

Tom Clift said...

Ok sorry for the double post, but I just thought of the moment where Sayid shoots young Ben. Did you forget about that or did it just not rank - I thought it was pretty brutal

Louis Baxter said...

I think I saw it coming which lowered its impact for me, but there's certainly a strong case to be made for it