Sunday, 31 January 2010

REVIEW: Edge Of Darkness

A bland, boring revenge thriller for the times. I doubt that even the people involved in this movie thought they were making something worth making. Well maybe Martin Campbell. how was involved in the British TV series from which the film takes its inspiration. But a misguided moment Campbell had, because this is the exactly the movie you thought it would be, and that is certainly a bad thing.

The plot sees Mel Gibson ( going back infront of the camera for the first time in I think 5 years, maybe a smidge more) investigate the death of his daughter, look intense and very occasionally crack some heads. These moments of violence seem to be almost nostalgic for Gibson, who has made more revenge movies then the average man. But the film is so much more invested in its convoluted, deeply monotonous plot, believing each new revelation to be something mind-blowing. They were not. Jesus that was some dull stuff. The dour tone Campbell installs doesn't help matters, and I get he tried to make a serious movie but if your film is about an aged cop hunting the killers of his daughter, if you don't have some serious ingenuity you end up making a toned down Death Wish 5. I guess there is some salvation in the performances; Gibson is OK I suppose but its a dull role really with nothing that memorable to do. Ray Winstone is good, and I doubt there's anyone in history who came across quite so mysterious and intruiging when speaking in cockney accent. Winstone belongs in a better film to be honest. Danny Huston is someone I'm increasingly growing tired of. He seems to play the same the same corporate sleaze in every film, with a sliding scale of villainy setting them apart. It grows old, and if he didn't have his truly terrific performance in The Proposition on his side, I would be done with him about now.

Campbell can make good movies. He has made the two best bond movies since the 1970's and Mask Of Zorro is great fun, but he does also have Vertical Limit and Beyond Borders on his resume, so I guess this disposable genericism isn't without precedent. This was fucking long too. And Winstone aside, a huge waste of time.

Rating: 5/10

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