Monday, 22 March 2010

Breaking Bad: No Mas - The Joint 50th Worst Plane Crash In American History

Awesome. I took exactly a nanosecond of this season premiere to remind me why I love this show so much. Breaking Bad has always done the cold open fantastically, but I think this one is FTW. See for yourself.

- Most of the episode though, as the best ones always are, focused on character and more specifically, Walt's ability to deny and rationalize what he is, and its a darkly funny as it is horrifying. It seems the worst kind of monster doesn't think what he's doing is wrong.

- Some Prime Bryan Cranston moments in this episode. Fans of Mad Men always complain that this guy always beats Jon Hamm to the emmy, but seriously, watch this episode and you'll see why. Walt's speech at the grief assembly might be my favorite scene of any TV show all year. As kids and teachers express their grief in the traditional ways

" I don't understand why god would do this? "

" Keep it secular honey."

Walt responds with a barbed and self-serving attempt at providing some persepective. Sure the planes crashed, but no-one on the ground died. The planes were only two-thirds full. There have been 50 crashes worldwide so much worse then this. It was cringe-inducing in the most perfect way, as everyone looked at him with horrified distain. Because this man would believe and do or say anything then acknowledge that he is not the bad guy. In my second linkage of the day. (I'm sorry, it was all so good.)

- It wasn't the quickest of episodes, but for some reason my favorite episodes of BB seem to be the introspective ones. It does them so well. When an TV deals with a theme like the necessity of accepting who you are and what you've done, its usually so trite and spelled out. But this show manages to do it in a way that literally has me prefferring the episodes where nothing happens. That is great TV. Just look how poignant this show can allow the making of a sandwich to be.

- Walt seems to have lost his family, getting kicked out and feeling sorry for himself in a motel. Loved his scene with Jesse at the end.

- Walt's wife Skylar finally rumbles what her husband is here. And rather then play it out, its a quick scene, and one in which Walt thinks that simply revealing the truth will win his wife back. Because its not like what he's doing is wrong right, after all he's just a manufacturer not a dealer, and that difference matters. Anna Gunn kind of gets forgotten in all the praise of the men on this show, but she's great just the same.

- Some awesome Jesse stuff here too, particularly with his rehab meeting leader. Sure it was a little similar to Bubbles and that texan dude from the wire, but fuck it was great drama just the same. He may be a prick, but he's an honest prick.

- The there's the cousins, two ganagsters from Mexico who are headed to put and end to 'heisenberg' and all his dealings. Kind of like a photosynthesised Anton Chigurh, with two heads instead of one. Wordless and badass, I look forward to more of them.

- More Giancarlo Esposito tonight, and his scene with Walt was fairly awesome, as the guy tried to make a claim for the last of his humanity.

- All I can say is watch this show yourself. You fucking need to be watching it.

- Walt falling into the pool was LOL.

Rating: 9/10

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