Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Lost: Ab Aeterno - The World's Forgotten Boy

Back in the early days of Lost, you know the really early days when the show was about a group of people surviving on an island. The first time a character got a flashback episode was a big deal. And given the amount of time left to go, this may will be the last origin story we ever see on Lost, and since this format is what brought us to the show in the first place, lets take a moment to savour that. Done? Let's do this.

- For the first time in season 6 thus far, we broke the flash-sideways pattern. And it was awesome. That tac has worn more then thin over the last couple of weeks, so I'm glad for the rest bite. As an exposition-fest slash character piece it was classic Lost. Not the best episode ever, but a very good one, and give the unsung well of talent that is Nestor Carbonell a chance to act the stuff.

- It was an episode long flashback, like Flashes before you're eyes or The Life and Death Of Jeremy Bentham, and nigh on every frame was Alpert-centric.

- Of course if You ignore the episode's opening 5 minutes or so, which made you think it was going to be Ilana. But no. We just went back for one scene of Ilana, which felt a cheat. Which it was, but the rest of the episode was too good for me too care.

- Black Rock! We finally got the origin story for everyone's favorite shipwrecked hunk of junk. And Alpert was on it. Back in the 1800's, when this dude was a slave for us friendly Brits...

- ...because he accidentally killed his village doctor when stealing some medicine. save his wife, who has some kind of plague like illness. But it was in vain, because the bitch died anyway.

- So yeah, black rock shipwrecks, and the soldiers rinse all the slaves, then the black smoke rinses the soldiers. Leaving only Alpert behind. Lost does scenes of slaughter fairly awesomely.

- The scene of Alpert chained inside the black rock hull was awesome. Classic horror movie shit.

- The episode was basically what every episode of season 6 has been about, which is the focus character choosing between evil Locke or Jacob. Here evil Locke was seen as his original self, played with a nice controlled malice by Titus Welliver.

- I enjoyed Carbonell's performance quite a bit, and is one of the most intelligent actors on Lost and thus I enjoyed the episode quite a bit too, and if this is to be the Last Lost origin story, its a decent way to go out.

- The hurley/Alpert's wife/alpert scene at the end was pretty sweet. Could have been naff as fuck, but Carbonell's sincerity saved it.

- This was an episode more about filling in the blanks then going forward, but I feel next week shit needs to get going, as good as this was.

Rating: 8/10

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