Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lost: Dr Linus - Where The Tiny Sociopath Shows Some Man Candor

I could have predicted a slightly slower episode after last week, and sure enough I was right. This was a small, contained character episode. The kind that has the hardcore Lost retort their way to the seventh circle of hell. But me, I don't mind them all so much. Particularly when they focus on the stronger characters. And Benjamin Linus is certainly one of those. So yeah, onward to the blogging.


- In which we see a softer, kindlier Benjamin Linus. The games remain, but this guy is capable of compassion and caring about other human beings. And Emerson brought the necessary variety and subtelty so we can see the differences between this Ben and the one we know and love.

- I have to say I was slightly annoyed by the lack of alter-John Locke in these Ben flashbacks, after the implications that these two would be friends. Lost should always be the Ben and Locke show when it can be.

- Having said that, Arzt. Again. I like the character, but these small world character reappearances are losing their impact.

- But having said that, William Atherton as the skeevy principal that nice Ben tries to blackmail. Fuck yeah. Fans of seminal 80's movies rejoice.

- Another thriller-ish B movie plot, but I enjoyed it a bit more then last week's. Mostly thanks to Emerson.


- Relatively quiet, we spend most of the episode on the beach with the Jacob crew, lead by Ilana, after Miles rumbles Ben for killing Jacob. Because he can speak to dead people. I keep forgetting that. Anyway, Ben got dissed.

- Then Ilana tied him to a tree and made him dig his own grave. Nice. Speaking of which

- Ilana watch - She got quite a lot to do tonight. Exciting times for the world's most pointless regular. In all seriousness, I thought Zulheika Robinson was quite good in this episode.

- But it was all about Ben, and the inevitable redemption of him. It seemed to easy for this guy to the dark side straight away, and I wouldn't count on this allegiance lasting for long, but I bought much better then I thought would. Any attempt to make this life long monster any less then such would just be crass. But Emerson pimped his sympathy for Mr Psycho scene and I am now fine with it.

- The evil Locke recruiting sessions continue, although this time he struck out. He averaging quite well though, striking out only with Richard and Ben and scoring Sawyer, Claire, Sayid, Jin and possibly Kate. Although I doubt the Kate or Sawyer stance will last for long.

- speaking of which, Sawyer is now a no show for three episodes. dissage.

- Enjoyed Jack's badass dynamite bit in this episode. That was cool.

- Richard Alpert actually gets some layers to his character, rather then just being well acted mysteriousness. Nestor Carbonell owned.

- Body Count - No-one. How sweet.

A slow, but rewarding Lost episode. Good if not great, but I enjoyed it as a way to a breather. Expect faster pace next week though. And hopefully some Sawyer.

Rating: 7/10

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