Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lost: Recon - In Which The Conning Will Go On Forever

A letdown was on its way after the last couple of weeks, but for me, Dr Linus slowed the pace down enough, this one really needed to pick it back up again. People seemed to have pretty much liked this episode, so I guess I'm a minority voice, but whatever I say what I feel bitches. While I like Sawyer the character, I never liked Sawyer centric episodes past season 1, because they seem to focus on meaningless cons which by the end of the episode don't mean a damn thing. Much like the Flash-Sideways this season I suppose. Josh Holloway was good enough, but I had a sizable meh reaction to Recon.

Off- Island

- Given the nature of the last couple of Flash-Sideways, it feels like we seem to be getting fan-fic Lost spin-offs. Handled with about the same amount of skill to be honest. Sawyer the cop, was OK enough, but since the story wasn't even about his copness, it was again about finding the real Sawyer. It felt a bit unnecessary.

- It all seemed a little rushed and pointless, and I don't know what I was exactly supposed to take away from this story. Although it was nice to see Charlotte again, Rebecca Mader ended up doing quite a lot with that character.

- More cameos, Miles was Sawyers' partner, and while the show hasn't quite known what to do with Ken Leung, giving him screen-time is a good way to find out.

- Sawyer arrests Kate. I was meant to be blown away by that I can tell.


- Another chill out episode, in which Locke's gang basically sit on the beach, whilst Evil Locke sends Sawyer to check up on the recently island arrived Charles Widmore. Some needless conning by a nobody later, the two meet. Sawyer sets to, yet again con the fuck out of everyone. Pitting Widmore and Locke against each other.

- Kate's face when Sawyer told her his plan was fairly hilarious. There's the dishonest douchebag I fell in love with. It was sweet.

- Widmore's gang has come with guns, so they mean to wage war against smokey. Don't know about you but my money is on Evil Locke. Like fuck he's getting killed by a guest star.

- Sayid seems to have stuck with his psycho vibe, clearly not giving a crap as Claire tried to kill Kate for taking her baby. That was fairly awesome.

- Kate seemed a might ungrateful after Evil Locke saved her from Psycho Claire. But she did zinger him pretty good later, after all it was rather insightful for a dead man.

- I think the biggest flunk in the episode was the needless connage from that random Widmore chick, what was the need guys. srsly.

- Despite having no Loyalty to Evil Locke, Sawyer seems to have put him in good stead against Widmore, sure he could give a shit, but the dude knows Widmore is there and that he wishes to kill him.

- Maybe its just me, but the con artistry has always been my least favorite thing about Lost, so Recon wasn't meant for me. But even putting that aside, it did seem to be holding up traffic a little.

Rating: 6/10

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