Wednesday, 17 March 2010

This Week's Movies

The Bounty Hunter: Looks pretty horrible right? Yeah. My completest attitude to new releases will be the death of me. Both Aniston and Butler seem to exclusively make shite so there's that. Did I mention its from the director of Hitch? I'll get my power drill. Expectancy level: 4/10

I Love You, Philip Morris: I'm at least semi-intrigued. I'll go in cautiously but it looks like the kind of Jim Carrey movie we've not seen in a while, in a good way. Expectancy Level: 7/10

The Spy Next Door: Jackie Chan gets wacky with a bunch of kids! Is it just me is there a fairly blatant paedophilic subtext to this shit. Maybe I'll have to see Hachi: A Dog's Tale after all. Fucking Dog's tale. Expectancy Level 2/10

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